Arma 3: Contact released, that's what the first players say

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Aliens have landed in Arma 3 hacks ! With the extension Contact, developer Bohemia brings new content for the military simulation, which addresses the first contact with aliens from a military point of view . In the turmoil of events, conflict also arises between human parties.

The content of Arma 3: Contact is as follows: There is a new game world (Livonia), new factions, new weapons, gadgets and vehicles and of course a new story campaign all about extraterrestrial visitors.

We dug our way through the first player reviews of Arma 3: Contact on Steam and summarize the opinions for you. As of now, the DLC has 212 reviews, 72 percent of which are positive, which results in an average of "mostly positive".

This is what the players like about Arma 3: Contact
Player Argent gives in his review the tip to think carefully about what to expect from the Alien expansion before buying. If you are looking for an action game in which you fight against aliens, you will be disappointed.

"Contact is heavily focused on electronic warfare and tricks, rather than direct combat."

Overall, Argent is satisfied with Arma 3: Contact. But you really have to be interested in the scenario and cope with slow game speed.

"Contact is a realistic representation of a possible first-contact scenario. Take it or leave it; personally I would say hit it while you're willing to accept the slow, completely different gameplay loop and the more subdued approach."

Player Vlad interprets his realistic approach to Arma 3: Contact positively: "You cannot fight the aliens, and that is good." Furthermore, Vlad describes the new electronic warfare as "satisfactory".

Arma 3: Contact - First contact with aliens in the trailer for the new DLC
2:40Arma 3: Contact - First contact with aliens in the trailer for the new DLC

The players don't like that
Player Crucible sheds light on the other side of the coin in his review. For him, the aliens in Arma 3: Contact stay too much in the background. In addition to the usual co-op campaign, he lacks more multiplayer features, specifically for the Zeus game master mode.

"Kind of unfortunate that there is almost nothing concerning the aliens that can be used in Zeus. There are about four alien units and some props. And some of the alien units just self-destruct."

Player Nighthawk does not recommend Arma 3: Contact either, as the negative aspects of the Alien expansion predominate for him. The struggles between human factions were "poorly planned" and "unnecessarily difficult in a non-fun way." In addition, the gameplay on the Livonia map suffered from poor performance.

The most important information
Arma 3: Contact was released on Steam on July 25th and costs 25 euros. The DLC is also reduced by 10 percent until August 2nd.

If you want to know what is included in the expansion, we have prepared an article on Arma 3: Contact for you here. The following trailer, on the other hand, presents the new map Livonia:


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